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When using Groovy MarkupBuilder, I have places where I need to output text into the document, or call a function which outputs text into the document. Currently, I'm using the undefined tag "text" to do the output. Is there a better way to write this code?

  text("${type.getAlias()} blah blah ")
  if (type instanceof Class1) {
    text(" implements ")
      if (it == '') return
      if (!function2(type, it)) text(", ")
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Actually, the recommended way now is to use mkp.yield, e.g.,

src.p {
    mkp.yield 'Some element that has a '
    strong 'child element'
    mkp.yield ' which seems pretty basic.'

to produce

<p>Some element that has a <strong>child element</strong> which seems pretty basic.</p>
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What is mkp? is that the instance of MarkupBuilder? –  David W Feb 21 '14 at 0:37
@DavidW: No it is not! It woud produce <yield> the text ... </yield>. mkp is a special namespace used to escape away from the normal building mode of the builder and get access to helper markup methods such as yield and yieldUnescaped. See docs.groovy-lang.org/latest/html/api/groovy/xml/… –  dedek Mar 26 at 11:58

Include a method:

void text(n){
    builder.yield n

Most likely you (I) copied this code from somewhere that had a text method, but you didn't also copy the text method. Since MarkupBuilder accepts any name for the name of a tag and browsers ignore unknown markup, it just happened to work.

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Note that it works only when builder is not an instance of the MarkupBuilder... –  dedek Feb 19 at 9:23

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