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I am trying to detect non-printable characters in my window's WM_KEYDOWN message, but research so far has yielded no results. I have tried the following methods:

  • 1: iscntrl(wParam), which does not work for the arrow keys
  • 2: ischar(wParam), which also does not work for the same keys
  • 3: ToAscii(wParam, MapVirtualKey(wParam, 0) ...), which still does not work

IMO the third method should work because arrow keys are not on any ASCII or Unicode tables.

The thing is I would like to send to my event handlers both the keycode and the character. Since WM_CHAR is posted after WM_KEYDOWN, I would like to just send the key in WM_KEYDOWN if it is not printable (because WM_CHAR would not be sent to the window so I cannot do it there).


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The argument to MapVirtualKey() is wrong, use MAPVK_VK_TO_CHAR instead. Not using WM_CHAR is unwise, nothing you can't fix with your message loop. – Hans Passant Apr 19 '14 at 14:55

Given that most of the keys which are generally considered "printable" are contiguous, why not just use a few if statements to decide how you want to handle them? In WM_KEYDOWN, decide whether a key is "printable" or not, and if it is, fire it off to WM_CHAR.

The functions that you're researching aren't designed for this specific purpose, so ironically, you might spend more time researching them than it would take to make an ad-hoc solution on your own.

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