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Desired Behaviour

I have a GoDaddy domain name and am using OpenShift for hosting.

I would like the following to be true:

a) user enters www.mysitename.com > user sees mysitename.com

b) user enters www.mysitename.com/about.html > user sees mysitename.com/about.html

c) user enters mysitename.com or mysitename.com/about.html and they also see that url.

d) to summarise, the www prefix is never displayed anywhere on the site.


OpenShift hosting does not have a static IP, so it is not possible to adjust the A record at GoDaddy.

The format for the OpenShift app is http://appname-username.rhcloud.com.

You can set up a cname at GoDaddy with the following:

www > appname-username.rhcloud.com

This means the site is accessible at www.mydomain.com but not at mydomain.com.

Suggested Solutions

There are several posts on the topic that suggest the following but for several reasons are not adequate solutions:


Can anyone think of another solution that satisfies the desired behaviour stated above?

Or do I need to change to a registrar that allows "naked cname records"?

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This blog posts sums up the scenario:


Could I sign up for CloudFlare to resolve the issue?

I haven't used it before and don't know how it works.

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01) Sign up to cloudflare
02) Set these cname rules:

mydomain.com > appname-username.rhcloud.com (this will utilise 'cname flattening')

www > mydomain.com

03) Set page rules:

http://www.mydomain.com/* > http://mydomain.com/$1

04) Set alias in OpenShift to mydomain.com

05) Make sure GoDaddy DNS record doesn't have any conflicting cname or A record set up.

06) Let it simmer overnight and all of the original desired behaviour should be working.

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Sorry for my ignorance, but what would be a conflicting cname or A record? The only record I have at the moment is this cname rule: www > blabla-blablabla.rhcloud.com. Since I bought my domain from GoDaddy I suppose I still need to have a rue setup over there. Is it ok like this or should it look different? –  Ariel Apr 3 at 10:18

To get your domain (with 'www' and without), to successfully point to your OpenShift alias, without 'masking' or 'forwarding' see this tutorial I wrote:

It works with CNAME Flattening.

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