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I have just started using Angular dart and Im going through the online tutorial with examples, and DartEditor is currently striking out NgAttr and NgTwoWay saying they are deprecated, is this the case? and if so what are they being replaced with? the auto docs don't say.

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see also github.com/angular/angular.dart/issues/929 (contains not much information yet) and a similar quesition here stackoverflow.com/questions/23150818 –  Günter Zöchbauer Apr 19 at 11:55
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NgAttr, NgOneWay, NgTwoWay, etc. were marked deprecated in preparation to the new bind-* syntax, which is not implemented, yet. So deprecation is arguably a bit premature, since there's no action for users to take, but I guess it is a first warning of the impending major breaking change.

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Maybe it would be a good idea to start deprecating things only when the replacement is ready ;-) –  Patrick Cornelissen Apr 26 at 7:37
Well, imho, "deprecated bits" need an annotation like: ... @deprecated( "refactor, implementation is unreliable" ) –  will May 15 at 15:39
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There is a new milestone for bind-* syntax which has issues discussing these changes, it may not be actually removed until 1.0 is what I feel.

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