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My table database have a table named 'members' instead of 'users'. I have created a model for the members table using the following code

class Model_Member extends Model_Auth_User  

While using the Auth module, the following code is throwing an exception citing that the table 'users' doesn't exist. How can i make the look for the table 'members' instead of 'users'. or should i rename my table in the database?

Other Auth tables are named as below

'member_tokens', 'roles_members' and 'roles'

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This shouldn't be a big deal, simply overwrite the $_has_many relationships, too.

class Model_Member extends Model_Auth_User {

     * A user has many tokens and roles
     * @var array Relationhips
    protected $_has_many = array(
        'member_tokens' => array('model' => 'Member_Token'),
        'roles'       => array('model' => 'Role', 'through' => 'roles_members'),

    public function create_member($values, $expected)
        $extra_validation = Model_Member::get_password_validation($values)
            ->rule('password', 'not_empty');

        return $this->values($values, $expected)->create($extra_validation);

    public function update_member($values, $expected = NULL)
        if (empty($values['password']))
            unset($values['password'], $values['password_confirm']);

        // Validation for passwords
        $extra_validation = Model_Member::get_password_validation($values);

        return $this->values($values, $expected)->update($extra_validation);

And create model Member_Token and table roles_members (field name member_id instead of user_id) accordingly.

class Model_Member_Token extends Model_Auth_User_Token {

    // Relationships
    protected $_belongs_to = array(
        'member' => array('model' => 'Member'),

    protected function create_token()
            $token = sha1(uniqid(Text::random('alnum', 32), TRUE));
        while (ORM::factory('Member_Token', array('token' => $token))->loaded());

        return $token;

I did not test the above code, it is simply made up to give you an idea of how to do it.

If you still get an exception, please post the exception message, too.

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