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I am using on a button click and window.print() is used on that page. If I just close window with print dialog (without selecting 'Save' or 'Cancel'), parent page become unresponsive in Google Chrome.

It works fine with other browsers.

Can any one help on this?

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I have exactly same problem with Chrome. You need to manually reload page:



call onunload function on child window when closing the child window with print dialog.

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It didn't work! – user2060413 Apr 19 '14 at 12:52

It appears to be a bug in Chrome version 34. I believe they have since fixed the issue.

Take a look at this: Javascript window.print() in chrome, closing new window or tab instead of cancelling print leaves javascript blocked in parent window

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This is a know issue in chrome, Because chrome does allow you to work in background, update your chrome version to v36 Beta or v37Dev the problem will disappear.

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