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I'm using QAudioRecorder in Qt to record a voice, here is the sample code.

audioRecorder = new QAudioRecorder;

QAudioEncoderSettings audioSettings;
audioSettings.setCodec("audio/amr"); //here's my question



But I have no idea how to use the setCodec() function

void QAudioEncoderSettings::setCodec(const QString & codec)

How can find out which parameter (such as "audio/amr" or "audio/x-wav") I can use and their exact meanings? Thanks!

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You could see the codec candidate in the source code for the different plugins.

  • GStreamer
    • audio/mpeg
    • audio/vorbis
    • audio/speex
    • audio/GSM
    • audio/PCM
    • audio/AMR
    • audio/AMR-WB
    • audio/FLAC

  • AudioCapture
    • audio/pcm

  • QNX
    • aac
    • raw
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