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I have double iD = 1.557760E12; I want to convert it to an int how can I do ? someone explaine to me please thanks a lot ?

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You're not going to have much luck, as the largest (32-bit, signed) int is almost 1000 times smaller than this value. –  Sean Owen Apr 19 at 13:35

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You cannot. This number, written out, is:


The max int is:


This is clearly much smaller.

You can, however, cast to a long. Its max value is


which, even at a glance, is much larger than your double. Use the following code:

long iLong = (long)iD;
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round() will always round your double to the correct value, and then, it will be cast to an long which will truncate any decimal places. But after rounding, there will not be any fractional parts remaining.

long i =math.round(id);
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