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Eclipse SDK 3.5.1, CDT. I have the following workspace tree:

Bin (just directory)
Client (project)

In the Client project, Debug configuration, I fill Post-Build step:

cp Debug/Client ../Bin/Debug/

I want to copy output executable to Bin/Debug directory. Building the project, I have this error message: make[1]:[post-bulld] Error 1 (ignored) line 0

What is wrong? Also, can I use some variables, like Workspace directory, current configuration etc. in Post-Build step? Where can I find these variables and how to use them? Thank you.

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Did you ever find out how to use build variables in the Post-Build command? –  JonS Mar 19 at 22:28

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Found solution: current directory is Debug, and not project directory, the command should be:

cp Client ../../Bin/Debug/
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