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I have a function that downloads and saves html pages. Over time, the memory is not being released and the program becomes slow. How can I force release this memory (or what is taking up this memory?

I think the problem may be with reading, writing the file. Although I call close(), could there be another issue?

The following code is inside a for loop (this is done 1000+ times)

openFile = None

    #download the page
    pageText = getPageAsText(url)

    #write file to disk
    fileName = name
    openFile = open(os.path.expanduser('~')+STATIC_DIRECTORY+'/'+name, 'w')

except Exception:

    if openFile is not None:
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Nothing about the code you've shown obviously builds up memory usage. The problem seems to lie elsewhere, perhaps in the surrounding code or in getPageAsText. –  user2357112 Apr 19 at 14:59
Can you plot a graph for the memory consumption and post it. Also, please provide the details regarding how much memory is being consumed? We can compare it with our system. Finally please have a look at this question too. Maybe you can get some idea stackoverflow.com/questions/22687952/… –  ρss Apr 19 at 16:06

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You can del to dereference not used variables. It gives a hint to garbage collector to collect the memory earlier. Without your entire code, we cannot see where the memory leak occurs.

I would also rewrite your code with with, so it handles close by itself.

 pageText = getPageAsText(url)
 with open(os.path.expanduser('~')+STATIC_DIRECTORY+'/'+name, 'w') as f:
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+1 this is the best. –  mskimm Apr 19 at 15:18

I have a feeling the problem may be elsewhere, but to force garbage collection:

import gc
gc.collect()    # force garbage collection
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You can call gc manually as gc. But your data is not released so it doesn't work properly.

add the code in the end of loop

pageText = None
fileName = None
openFile = None

Python gc will work automatically.

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It should "work" anytime their values are changed. (It won't actually collect every time, but the abandonment of old values is what eventually activates the garbage collector.) –  ooga Apr 19 at 14:50

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