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I have a text-area which is disabled (to begin with), I have written headings such as "Name", "Type" etc in the text-area and when the user selects a particular medication from the medication they have listed as 'Currently Taking', I have code which retrieves the corresponding information to the headings and displays them in the text-area. That all works perfectly, my problem is, I also give the user an option to edit their entry once they have chosen a particular medication. When the user clicks "Edit", the text-area becomes enabled, I want the user to be able to change the values which have been retrieved from the database, but not the headings. But at the moment, they can change the headings too. Any suggestions as to how this may be done?

The following line of code creates the textarea with the headings and the variables represent information from the database;

echo '<textarea style="position:absolute; right:600px; top:625px;" name="mednotes" cols="40" rows="13" MaxLength="300" disabled="disabled" id="mednotes">Name:' . $MedEntriesName . '&#10;&#13;Type:' . $MedEntriesType . '&#10;&#13;Date of Entry:' . $MedEntriesDate . '&#10;&#13;Amount to Take (Per Dosage):' . $MedEntriesAmountPerDosage . ' ' . $MedEntriesType . '&#10;&#13;Time Interval Between each Dosage:' . $MedEntriesTimeNumber . ' ' . $MedEntriesTimeScale . '&#10;&#13;Amount Collected from the Pharmacy:' . $MedEntriesPharmacyAmt . ' ' . $MedEntriesType . '</textarea>';
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Separate textareas for each value with heading pulled out and listed above and non-editable. –  jk. Apr 19 at 15:20

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