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I have a project with quite many surfaces. It's organized something like this:

--Some items to click, a button in this case

I have a class for rendering some buttons, where I in he construtor tells it where to blit the buttons - in this case the ContentScreen. The ContentScreen surface has the position of 10, 10 and the button in this surface has the position 0,0.

When I look for clicks in the loop, i have this code:

if event.type == pygame.MOUSEBUTTONDOWN and event.button == 1:
    mouse_pos = pygame.mouse.get_pos()
    if MyClass.Thebutton.collidepoint(mouse_pos):
        #Do something

The thing is that the mouse_pos is taken from the screen, and the button is placed 0,0 in the ContentSceen which is placed 10,10. So if I click outside the button, at pixel position 0,0 it thinks it's in the collidepoint. Is there any way to add the surface positon to MyClass.Thebutton, or do I really have to blit the button on the MainScreen?

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