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When I set the property KeyPreview = TRUE on my main form (MDI Parent) the OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp or OnKeyPress events don't get fired. When pressing keys, I can navigate the main menu (TActionMenuBar). It seems the menu bar has the control over the key events.

How can I fire an event, when the user is pressing a key (e.g. the VK_RETURN key)?

I am using Delphi 2009

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This will not be easy because menus are running in their own message loop and your form is blocked until the menu is closed. What exactly are you trying to do? When user presses VK_RETURN a menu item is selected, menu is closed and you can handle menu item's OnClick or the linked action's OnExecute event. –  TOndrej Feb 23 '10 at 10:23
When I press the VK_Return key, I want to open a child form. For quick access (instead of pressing a button in my toolbar). –  markus_ja Feb 23 '10 at 10:26
When you press VK_RETURN on a specific menu item, I presume? In that case you should use the menu item's OnClick event. Or, if your menu item is linked with an action, use the action's OnExecute event. The code is executed when the menu item is selected, regardless whether by mouse or keyboard. –  TOndrej Feb 23 '10 at 10:31
When I press the VK_RETURN key, I don't want to interact with the menu. When there is no child open in the MDI Main Form, pressing the VK_RETURN key should just open my child window. –  markus_ja Feb 23 '10 at 10:36
The trouble is, when the menu is active, you have to interact with it. (More precisely, you can't interact with anything else in your app.) –  TOndrej Feb 23 '10 at 10:42

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From the comments I see that you want to do a certain action (eg. open a form) when a certain key is pressed.

For this, you can assign your shortcut key to an TAction and write the appropriate code in the TAction.OnExecute


  1. Drop a TActionManager (or TActionList)
  2. Double click on it (the TActionManager's editor appear). Press 'New Action' button.
  3. Set the ShortCut property to the desired value.
  4. Write the appropriate code in OnExecute event.

Note that on step 3. (perhaps) you (and most probably your users) will have trouble assigning the Enter key to something so uncommon like opening a form. 'Enter' has a very defined meaning in Windows.

I'd suggest to assign a functional key (F2-F9 usually) and/or Ctrl+[the first letter of your form's name]


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Is it possible to set the ENTER key for as ShortCut? I cannot see it in the TAction.ShortCut list. FYI: In our application we use the ENTER key a lot. –  markus_ja Feb 23 '10 at 14:03
Yes. Just write it. :-) Go to the Shortcut property and type 'Enter' (without the quotes). Press [Enter] (the key). In order to test it, go to OnExecute event and write some testing code like ShowMessage('Boo!'); or similar. You will see that code being executed. The reason for which the 'Enter' isn't included in that list is that, as I said, its usage is discouraged for custom actions. This isn't (un)fortunately my choice or Delphi's but a Windows convention. But if it fits for your application, go ahead, even if sometimes Windows will hook it. Test and if it works... –  John Thomas Feb 23 '10 at 17:19
hm ... I cannot set the ENTER key in the ShortCut property in D2009. I get the error "Inalid Property Value". But it works in D7? –  markus_ja Feb 24 '10 at 7:52
Don't know for D7 Just typing Enter in D2010 works. And imho it should work also in D2009 TextToShortCut (the underlying engine for this) is a rather old Delphi function. Try type, for example, A+Ctrl inside of ShortCut property. It works? (The IDE should accept it and change it to Ctrl+A) –  John Thomas Feb 24 '10 at 16:29

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