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Im trying to develop a multi view apllication while trying to avoid navagation controllers as apple recommend this for the iPad.

My problem is nav controllers are the only way I know how to make a multiview app, does anyone have a link to code or a book I could look at that show other ways? I already have exploring the iphone sdk and the developers cook book but both focus on nav controllers.

What others ways are there to link screens ?

I have an intial login screen and then a main menu section where the user can choose from a list of options, how should I implement this. Please give an example as I cant seemt to code things from my head yet.

Please help me get started , I feel like im going crazy trying to get over this.


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I suggest running through the iPhone View Controller Program Guide, I had similar questions last week I was mulling over and discovered various solutions to the problem here using Custom View Controllers and.or Combined View Controller interfaces.

I don't have an example, but through custom code you'll be able to control which view shows when. The Custom View Controllers section has a diagram which describes what you're likely trying to do.

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I'm not sure why you don't want to use the NavigationViewController approach. It gives you a lot of benefits.

But I would load the main menu view on startup and show your login screen as a modal view instantly (above it). When the user logged in correctly you may dismiss the modal view and your main menu will appear.

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Because Apple prefers UISplitViewController on the iPad. –  KennyTM Feb 23 '10 at 11:41

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