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It looks like derby doesn't support conditional statements [IF]. How do we write

if exists (select 1 from customers where name='somename') 
    update customers ...
    insert into customers ...

in derby? Derby doesn't have 'replace into' of mysql either.

Note: I am using derby as unit-testing replacement for mysql [that is production will use mysql and unit-test will use derby].

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What about http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.2/ref/rrefcasenullif.html#rrefcasenullif?

      WHEN 1 = 2 THEN 3
      WHEN 4 = 5 THEN 6
      ELSE 7

So maybe you can try something like:

 WHEN  select 1 from customers where name='somename' = 1 THEN update...
ELSE  insert...

I have no idea if that would work but it seems like a start. Good luck!

edit: After trying a few of these things out...I don't know if this will really help you. It doesn't seem like you can fire switch between SELECT and INSERT; it has to be one or the other and the CASE goes inside. What you want to do may or may not be possible...

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