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i have issues with lager tracing feature.
What i need:
5 files:
1. crash.log - this is default lager file, let it be
2. error.log - here will be all errors and above
3. info.log - here will be all info, notice and warning messages
4&5. transmitted.log and received.log - here will be special messages with vaious severity using lager:info([{type, tx}] or lager:error([{type, rx}] and tracing feature.
Messages filtered to those files shouldn't duplicate in info.log and error.log

what i've achieved so far:
messages succesfully redirect to transmitted and received log files, and error.log works as it should.

1. no idea how to make info.log accept only notice, info and warnings, without debug level (using {level, '<error'} will also include debug level)
2. messages redirected to transmitted.log and received.log files also appear in info.log and error.log files. f.e. if i use lager:error([{type, tx}], "ERROR") it appears 3x times: in info.log, error.log and transmitted.log, while it sohuld appear only in transmitted.log

my lager config:

{lager, [
  {crash_log, 'logs/crash.log'}
  ,{handlers, [
    {lager_file_backend, [{file, "logs/info.log"}, {level, info}]}
    ,{lager_file_backend, [{file, "logs/error.log"}, {level, error}]}
    ,{lager_file_backend, [{file, "logs/received.log"}, {level, none}, {date, "$D0"},
      {formatter_config, [date, " ", time," [",severity,"] ", pid, " ", message, "\n"]}]}
    ,{lager_file_backend, [{file, "logs/transmitted.log"}, {level, none}, {date, "$D0"},
      {formatter_config, [date, " ", time," [",severity,"] ", pid, " ", message, "\n"]}]}
  ,{traces, [
    {{lager_file_backend, "logs/received.log"}, [{type, rx}], info}
   ,{{lager_file_backend, "logs/transmitted.log"}, [{type, tx}], info}
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For problem 1, please look at the lager's source file lager_util.erl

levels() ->
    [debug, info, notice, warning, error, critical, alert, emergency, none].

level_to_num(debug)     -> ?DEBUG;
level_to_num(info)      -> ?INFO;
level_to_num(notice)    -> ?NOTICE;
level_to_num(warning)   -> ?WARNING;
level_to_num(error)     -> ?ERROR;
level_to_num(critical)  -> ?CRITICAL;
level_to_num(alert)     -> ?ALERT;
level_to_num(emergency) -> ?EMERGENCY;
level_to_num(none)      -> ?LOG_NONE.

DEBUG's the lowest level, If you need only log above NOTICE, just set as {level,notice}.

For the second problem, There are two methods. 1. I think you could solve it by add a new lager's backend. In the source code of lager's lager_file_backend.erl

handle_event({log, Message},
    #state{name=Name, level=L,formatter=Formatter,formatter_config=FormatConfig} = State) ->
    case lager_util:is_loggable(Message,L,{lager_file_backend, Name}) of
        true ->
            {ok,write(State, lager_msg:timestamp(Message), lager_msg:severity_as_int(Message), Formatter:format(Message,FormatConfig)) };
        false ->
            {ok, State}

You could created a new backend based on lager_file_backend and add your logical here to solve the problem.

Method 2. Not modify lager's source code, and use unix's bash and grep tools to solve the problem.

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