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How can I pass an argument to a model method using grape entity ?

I'd like to check wheter the current_user likes an item when presenting the item, so I built a model user_likes? method:

class Item
  include Mongoid::Document
  #some attributes here...
  has_and_belongs_to_many :likers

  def user_likes?(user)

but I don't know how to send current_user to the grape-entity model :

module FancyApp
  module Entities
    class Item < Grape::Entity
      expose :name #easy
      expose :user_likes # <= How can I send an argument to this guy ?

in the grape api:

get :id do
  item = Item.find(.....)
  present item, with: FancyApp::Entities::Item # I should probably send current_user here, but how ?

I feel like the current_user should probably be sent from this last piece of code, but I can't figure how to do it :(

Any thoughts ? Thanks !

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Well, I found I could pass current as a parameters, and use it in a block. So :

present item, with: FancyApp::Entities::Item, :current_user => current_user 

and in the entity definition:

expose :user_likes do |item,options|
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It might let you do it, doesn't mean it's the best way though. Cleaner the way I suggested. –  Oliver Barnes Apr 21 at 15:29
@Oliver Barnes I'm new to Grape entities can you elaborate on how your suggestion is cleaner? It seems to me, in your suggestion, you are altering the actual record in the database just to pass it to the entity, this doesn't seem clean to me. –  Hexose Oct 10 at 20:23
I'd actually recommand NOT to use update_attributes in any case. It does indeed perform a database altering, and you absolutely do NOT want that. If two users simultaneously request your route, then you'd have a great chance of mixing the current_user value for at least one of the users. –  aherve Oct 11 at 11:26
That's what I figured, thanks for the clarification @aherve. –  Hexose Oct 11 at 12:05
True, don't know what I was thinking. Answered in a haste probably - deleted –  Oliver Barnes Oct 13 at 14:03

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