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Is it possible to make connection with server Mac Address using Socket or Do I need IP address of the server to setup the connection from client to server using Socket

socket = new Socket(serverAddr, SERVERPORT);

If I use IP address that change over the time so I don't want to use it. I want that remain same for the Android phone that seems Mac address to me.

Here both client and server is the Android Phone.

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I suspect that identifying hosts by MAC address might not be the ideal way to solve your underlying problem; if you give us more context, we might be able to give you more help. –  mfrankli Apr 19 at 18:56
@mfrankli If it cant then any other way to do ? –  Mick Apr 19 at 19:03

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It sounds like you're trying to connect to the same device, even as it might be getting a new IP address?

MAC address is one way to do that. Per this blog post, you can read from /proc/net/arp and parse this information out, because Android is Linux-based. The MAC address-IP address mappings are stored in this file, and you can use the extracted IP address to do the Socket connect.

In general, you need an IP address to open a socket connection. Consider an analogy. Sending a packet over a socket is like sending a piece of mail to a street address. The IP address is the street address. If you don't know where your friend lives, you can't send her mail. If she moves, and doesn't tell you her new address, you can't send her more mail.

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It sounds like you're trying to connect to the same device, even as it might be getting a new IP address? - No I want server and client on different android phone and want to setup connection with server from client. Here I required IP address which I want to remain same –  Mick Apr 19 at 18:57
So /proc/net/arp can we access this file data without root ? –  Mick Apr 19 at 18:59
I'm not sure, but that's an easy one to test out! (I imagine you need root.) Like I said, we could be more helpful with more context. –  mfrankli Apr 19 at 19:00
OK, Are you sure we can create socket connection between server and client using MAC address of the Android server phone ? Any link ? –  Mick Apr 19 at 19:02
I'm fairly sure that you can't; you need the IP address. The ARP table lets you search for a MAC address (which you know) to get the IP address (which you need). –  mfrankli Apr 19 at 19:03

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