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I've been using MPMusicPlayerController to play Music within the app, which has no volume slider available to the user.

There are instances that I have to fade the music in and out. So far I've been using volume property from MPMusicPlayerController within a loop to do that.

After iOS7, volume property is deprecated. Apple wants devs to use MPVolumeView. I have no use with a volume slider, just need to fade the music at certain occasions. Is there a way with iOS7?

Thanks in advance

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I'm afraid you'll need to move to AVPlayer if you need control of fades. It is a bit more complex but will do what you need. –  amergin Apr 20 at 18:58
You can hide the slider, change its value, and fake a touchUp event. See [stackoverflow.com/questions/19218729/… –  ToddB Nov 4 at 18:04

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