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Working on my first Django project. New to templates and inheritance.

I'm using Bootstrap and want a splashy homepage. So I don't want sidebars, just Jumbotron. But, my index.html inherits from base.html and displays my sidebars which I do want in every other page but my home page. I want everything else, nav, footer, etc. to inherit.

My base.html:

{% block right_panel %}
blah blah blah
{% endblock %}

Is there a way to not inherit this block in my index.html? Or do I make a standalone index.html template with all of the block from base.html minus those I don't want to display?

What's best practice?


Here's the offending piece in base.html:

<div class="col-md-3 right">
    {% nevercache %}
    {% include "includes/user_panel.html" %}
    {% endnevercache %}
    <div class="panel panel-default">
    <div class="panel-body">
    {% block right_panel %}
    {% ifinstalled mezzanine.twitter %}
    {% include "twitter/tweets.html" %}
    {% endifinstalled %}
    {% endblock %}

The CSS is rendering: <div class="panel-body">

My page.html:

{% extends "base.html" %}

<!-- no right-panel content-->
{% block right_panel %}{% endblock %}

{% load mezzanine_tags keyword_tags %}

{% block meta_title %}{{ page.meta_title }}{% endblock %}

{% block meta_keywords %}{% metablock %}
{% keywords_for page as keywords %}
{% for keyword in keywords %}
    {% if not forloop.first %}, {% endif %}
    {{ keyword }}
{% endfor %}
{% endmetablock %}{% endblock %}

{% block meta_description %}{% metablock %}
{{ page.description }}
{% endmetablock %}{% endblock %}

{% block title %}
{% editable page.title %}{{ page.title }}{% endeditable %}
{% endblock %}

{% block main %}
{% endblock %}

When I add:

`{% block right_panel %}{% endblock %}

to the top of page.html, the content doesn't render.

What's the best approach? Should I make a new block and wrap it around the that is being styled and then leave it empty in other templates? Or should I move the offending chunk from base.html to another template file and include it on pages where I want it rendered.

Also, another thing. If I remove {% block right_panel %}{% endblock %} from page.html and put it in gallery.html which inherits from page.html, the content still renders.

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Just declare the block as an empty block in your index.html to 'mute' the content from the base.html:

ie, in index.html:

{% block right_panel %}{% endblock %}
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I tried that and got a {% blocktrans %} error. When I put {% block right_panel %}{% endblock %} outside of the blocktrans no content is displayed, but the empty CSS block is still rendered. –  Jared Nielsen Apr 19 at 23:13
Tge i18n error is likely something else. Do you have {℅ load i18n ℅} near the top of your index.html –  stevejalim Apr 20 at 6:14
Can you show / gist the full templates? –  stevejalim Apr 20 at 7:04
yea, if an empty block doesn't solve it, we're going to need more information –  skzryzg Apr 20 at 7:50

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