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I have problem with BWToolkit and XCode. For some reasons Xcode not recognize bwtoolkit framework. IB plugin working fine. I did same steps as described on bwtoolkit site. I did:

  1. Download latest bwtoolkit from http://www.brandonwalkin.com/bwtoolkit/
  2. Add BWToolkitFramework.framework to Linked frameworks
  3. Add BWToolkitFramework to copy target
  4. Add "#import <BWToolkitFramework/BWToolkitFramework.h>" to my class
  5. Got "not such file" build error for BWToolkitFramework/BWToolkitFramework.h

I think it related to Xcode version as I remember it worked on prev Xcode version and when I downloaded Hellium project which used BWtoolkit and build it then no errors, I tried copy most of project settings from helium to my project but result the same(not found build errors)

My env: Xcode 3.2.1 Snow Leopard


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Same environment, same steps, works fine on my system. Sorry. –  Abizern Feb 23 '10 at 13:27

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Did you try adding a Framework Search Path to the build settings so Xcode knows where to look for it?

To do this, open the project or target settings, and add a path to the framework in the Framework Search Paths section. Make sure you're adding it to All Configurations.

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Yes, I tried, result the same. –  AlexT Feb 24 '10 at 7:00
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Fixed. Problem was in build settings, not sure what exactly as I'v changed many of them

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