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I use this code to set the editTextPreference title from the input text using the getText() method. The problem is that when I click "ok" it doesn't change the title, but if I click on the editText` another time and click "ok", it applies the title.

public void handleTEST(){
    final EditTextPreference pref = (EditTextPreference)findPreference("test");     
    pref.setOnPreferenceClickListener(new Preference.OnPreferenceClickListener(){   
        public boolean onPreferenceClick(Preference preference) {

            return true;


What's wrong?

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Issue is that you are changing the title only in onPreferenceClick, not when Preference Changed (Ok is clicked in Dialog). So next time when you click on preference item onPreferenceClick is called and the title changes.

If you need to change the title when Ok Clicked on the dialog.You need to update the editTextPreference title in OnPreferenceChangeListener

Add a OnPreferenceChangeListener and update the EditTextPreference title like this

 private static Preference.OnPreferenceChangeListener onPreferenceChangeListener 
                        = new Preference.OnPreferenceChangeListener() {
    public boolean onPreferenceChange(Preference preference, Object value) {
        String stringValue = value.toString();

        if(preference instanceof EditTextPreference) {
            // update the title

        return true;
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