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How can I make the first 4 characters in a line I am going to add bold?


I want Test to be bold but leave 123 normal.

Can someone help me?

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while the question is not an exact duplicate, the first answer to this question will give you exactly what you need: stackoverflow.com/questions/10645033/… –  Argalatyr Apr 19 at 23:05

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Try something like this:

procedure TForm1.AddFormattedText(const AText: string; AStyle: TFontStyles);
  RichEdit1.SelStart := RichEdit1.GetTextLen;
  RichEdit1.SelLength := 0;
  RichEdit1.SelAttributes.Style := AStyle;
  RichEdit1.SelText := AText;

AddFormattedText('Test', [fsBold]);
AddFormattedText('123'+sLineBreak, []);
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