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Max Scripting : I am creating a script as a beginner, in which I need to calculate number of polygons of any selected object! How can we find it for an object and save it in a variable?

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Only editablemesh and editablepoly objects can be queried for number of faces. Assuming obj is your objects:

local numFaces = getNumFaces obj


local numFaces = obj.numFaces

If obj is a different object which can be evaluated to an editableMesh or editablePoly, you can use the .mesh property of the object:

local m = obj.mesh
local numFaces = m.numFaces
free m


There is actually:

getPolygonCount <obj>

which works on all objects regardless of their class.

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If you want the number of triangles. use this:

getPolygonCount <node>

If you need the number of polygons in a poly object, you should use the polyop method, but bBeware it counts dead faces as well, so it's a good idea to clean-up the poly before-hand by collapsing the dead stuff:

polyop.CollapseDeadStructs <poly>
polyop.getNumFaces <poly>
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