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I want to animate a small section of an image. So basically most part of the image is going to remain static and only a small section is going to animate. This can be done with animated GIF but is there a better alternative to this? I'm not sure if APNG is well supported by most browsers. Are there any jQuery plugins to do this?

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GIF annimations only store the part that actually change, so it should be fine just to use one big image - unless this image is a photo, where you would use am JPEG. In that case a small GIF with just the animated part would be better. JavaScript/jQuery isn't a magic do-it-all. Just use CSS apsolute positionsing to place the animationed GIF at the right location on top of the large image. – RoToRa Apr 20 '14 at 17:57

APNG is capable of animating a portion of the image, like GIF, plus it allows eight bits per sample RGBA with millions of colors, unlike GIF which limits you to 256 colors and 1-bit transparency. APNG is not well supported by browsers. Supposedly the latest version of WebP supports animation.

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