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web2py is listed under GNU GPL v2.0 so my question is:

If I develop an application using web2py do I have to release it under GNU GPL v2.0?

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No. This is stated clearly in the web2py license

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If you create an application that is based on (still uses) web2py, extends web2py, or integrates with the web2py source then it would be subject to the GPL V2. If you use web2py as a tool and it is not related to the product you are using it on, you should be just fine.

Be careful about shipping and distribution. To be GPL 2.0 compatible, you have to release the full source and build code if you create a "distribution". If you send it out to someone, share it, or sell it you are quite possibly subjecting your code to GPL 2.0 terms. If you are putting it on a server for private hosting or contracting someone else to do work on it, you most likely are not subject to those terms.


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