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I'm trying to find out what is the model number/product id of the iPad Air.

I already have the numbers of other models, for example:

  1. iPhone3: 4759 / 4763 / 4764
  2. iPad2: 0x129f / 0x12a2 / 0x12a3
  3. iPad3: 4772 / 4779

I don't know where the other guy got them (can't ask him).

Note: I'm connecting an iOS device to my PC and and then running my application on the PC. I also found this page, this is not what I'm looking for.

Java code:

public enum ProductID {
    iPhone1_1(4752), iPhone1_2(4754), iPhone2_1(4756), ... , iPad2_3(0x12a3), iPad3_1(4772),
            iPad3_2(4779), iPod5_1(4778), Unknown(-1);
    int id;



    public IOSDevice getDeviceName(){
        case iPhone1_1:
        case iPhone1_2:

            return IOSDevice.iphone;



I found this page, it might be helpful to people who search usb ids.

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Java does not run on the iPad Air. –  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Apr 20 at 9:25
I'm not running my application on iOS, just connecting an iOS device to my PC. –  Itay Gal Apr 20 at 9:26
Did you get these identifiers from within your Java code? I've never encountered them before. –  okiharaherbst Apr 20 at 9:33
No, they are hard coded. I meant that they appear in the Java code but I didn't get them through a function call. –  Itay Gal Apr 20 at 9:34
Completely unclear what you are asking. Voting to close. –  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Apr 20 at 10:54

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