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Good day everyone,

I have task to implement Solaris Cluster for my production system. Please help me understand some issue how to configure it. In my case, I have standart topology, two spark servers and one disk storage. So, I need next point:

  • There should be Shared (floating) IP address and this address must automatic switch to second node when first node went down.
  • Shared storage between two nodes.

If one node went down, the second node should goes up and my clients should be able to connect to the shared storage (oracle db).

Now, I'm testing this point in my virtual machines.

-- Resource Groups --
        Group Name     Node Name                State          Suspended
        ----------     ---------                -----          ---------
 Group: sun-rg         node2                    Offline        No
 Group: sun-rg         node1                    Online         No

    -- Resources --
        Resource Name  Node Name                State          Status Message
-------------  ---------                -----          --------------
  Resource: my_virt_ip1    node2                    Offline        Offline
  Resource: my_virt_ip1    node1                    Online         Online

After all configuration steps, I need manualy switch the virtual ip address (resourse group my_virt_ip1), when one of the two node wend down, how should I configure my SC for automatic this process?

Thank you for any suggests.

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