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Given a web URL, I want to detect all the links in a WEBSITE, identify the internal links and list them.

What I have is this:

            WebClient webClient = null;
            webClient = new WebClient();

            string strUrl = "";
            string completeHTMLCode = "";

                completeHTMLCode = webClient.DownloadString(strUrl);
            catch (Exception)

Using this I can read the contents of the page....but the only idea I have in my mind is parsing this string....searching for <a then href then the value between the double quotes.

Is this the only way out? Or there lies some other better solution(s)?

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Use the HTML Agility Pack. Here's a link to a blog post to get you started. Do not use Regex.

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using HtmlAgilityPack

 completeHTMLCode = 

 foreach(HtmlNode link in doc.DocumentElement.SelectNodes("//a[@a"])
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