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I want to add svn properties (like svn:keyword=Id Date Rev Author) to files upon commits of new files.

For this to work there may be two main options:

  1. Client-side: altering the autoprops in the svn client configuration
  2. Server-side: do some magic with commit-hooks

The client side is not always desirable, as control over the client set up is needed. I want to solve this on the server. How can this be done.

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The Subversion docs say it's a bad idea to modify a commit on the server side.

Instead, you could do something like a customized version of the svn_apply_autoprops script periodically through cron (or even on the server triggered by a commit). The svn_apply_autoprops script is a little more general than what you need, but it should be straighforward to set up the appropriate config file.

As of this post, the subversion web site is migrating under, and I couldn't find the docs for the contrib tools.

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The scrubbing cron script that modifies svn properties on files is my way to go. I have read the same comment on the 'modifying the commit'. For the moment I ask users to load a svn configuration script in their svn client (tortoisesvn). – jochem Feb 26 '10 at 8:58

I tried the procedure of the following URL, it works for me.

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Anytime you have multiple people committing, you probably have inconsistent subversion configs.

Solve this problem twice, as you say, at the client level and the server level:

  1. Do NOT modify props automatically during server commit. This will almost certainly bite you in the butt later when you have an exception to your rule and you can't get past it.

  2. Send an email to all developers with directions for modifying their config files, as in:

    Attention, teammates:

    On ALL the boxes you work on, please modify the file:  ~/.subversion/config 

    * under the section [miscellany], uncomment the line: 
    enable-auto-props = yes

    under the section [auto-props], add or uncomment lines so they read:

    *.py = svn:eol-style="LF";svn:executable="ON";keywords="Id";

    Note: you may test this is working by doing the following in your sandbox directory:

    svn add
    ls -al   # you will see:
    -rwxrwxr-x 1 krice4 krice4    0 Apr 19 12:05
    svn proplist  # you will see:
    Properties on '':
    svn revert

3.After sending the email, it's time to add a belt to those suspenders, because some developer is going to forget to do what they're supposed to do. So, create an annoying warning every time someone commits without setting props correctly.

I would advise the following detection hooks for Python files. All should print warnings NOT prevent the subversion operation, as noted above, the exceptions will kill you. Note that exceptions can send emails to the user, or email the entire development group, with the subject:

"Stupid user Kevin just committed a file with tabs in it!"

  • verify svn:executable ON
  • verify svn:keywords "Id"
  • verify svn:eol-style "LF" # linux systems
  • verify No Tabs In file ! (these mess with various things)

For how to write one of these commit hooks, see:

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