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I want to change tmpdir of fileupload on each user sessions with Rubu on Rails.

For example:

UserA's upload tmpdir /home/userA/tmp

UserB's upload tmpdir /home/userB/tmp

Is it possible to do it on Ruby On Rails?

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I found perser.rb has a code to create Tempfile when uploading. body = Tempfile.new("RackMultipart") but How can I tell him a new tmpdir? –  user3553823 Apr 22 at 8:18
I found a solution myself. override get_current_head_and_filename_and_content_type_and_name_and_body method and post 'tmpdir' values when POST files. pm = @params.to_params_hash body = Tempfile.new("RackMultipart", pm['tmpdir']) –  user3553823 Apr 23 at 13:30

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