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I'm having some troubles using Session Variables as they are being used as Reference and I want to use them as value.

I got to this debuging my solution and I created something like:

DataTable dt = 

// Adding Rows of Data to DataTable dt

HttpContext.Current.Session["SearchReturn-DataTable"] = dt;


return dt;

my idea was to have in "DataTableSchema" only the DataTable with the Columns Schema and in "DataTable" the Columns + Rows.

Problem is that when I clear all rows from DataTableSchema, the variable dt will have the Rows cleared as well (!!)

How can avoid this? How can assign a variable (in this case a Session variable) as a value and not as a reference?

Thank you.



DataTable dt = (DataTable)Session["SearchReturn-DataTableSchema"];

needs to be this:

DataTable dt = ((DataTable)Session["SearchReturn-DataTableSchema"]).Copy();


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You'll have to make a copy of your table.

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forgot all about DataTable.Copy() :) – balexandre Feb 23 '10 at 13:06

An interesting part of this is that the behaviour will depend on your session-state provider. You are presumably using the in-process provider at the moment, which keeps references - but most providers (understandably) use serialization.

This often bites people when they try to scale up, as they find that they have something non-serializable in session. So you might consider pushing state into a different provider; SQL-Server, memcached, etc - they will all do serialization so the data will be independent.

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The good about knowing what and how .NET handles stuff :) BTW: Are you "always" online? Don't you sleep? Work? ;-) – balexandre Feb 23 '10 at 13:09
If you look closely at my usage, you'll see very clearly-defined gaps during work time (except maybe for lunch)... let's just say we "had words" about it ;-p But sleep is over-rated... – Marc Gravell Feb 23 '10 at 13:26

Use the .Copy() Method of your DataTable:

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Also You can Clone DataTable Schema using Clone method. And then Load data via Load and CreateReader methods.

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