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Showing this error message. I don't know how to fix the error. Please help with an example.

Warning 1 CA2213 : Microsoft.Usage : 'StartUp' contains field 'StartUp.con' that is of IDisposable type: 'SQLiteConnection'. Change the Dispose method on 'StartUp' to call Dispose or Close on this field. G:\Project\ DHQ Manager\Manager\StartUp.Designer.cs 15 Manager

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You should probably read up on IDisposable and the Dispose pattern. Here are a couple of references: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fs2xkftw(v=vs.110).aspx; codeproject.com/Articles/15360/…. –  Craig W. Apr 20 at 13:57
Thanks Brother the Problem is solved –  BlueBurn India Apr 24 at 15:37

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