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Normally I am getting Wi-Fi setting screen on the emulator by clicking on the Settings > Wireless controls > wifi settings. I need to go directly to the Wi-Fi settings screen from my program when pressing on the Wi-Fi button which I have created. Contacts, call Logs we can handle by using Intent.setData(android.provider.contacts...........). Is there any way to open settings sub menus/menu from an android program ?
Please give me advise or sample code on this.

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Look at android.provider.Settings for a series of Intent actions you can use to launch various settings screens (e.g., ACTION_WIFI_SETTINGS).

EDIT: Add the coding line.

startActivity(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_WIFI_SETTINGS));

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to be more specific, android.app.activity.startActivity(new android.content.Intent.Intent(android.provider.settings.Settings.ACTION_WIFI_SE‌​TTINGS)); or with proper using, startActivity(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_WIFI_SETTINGS)); –  Alex Cohn Feb 24 '10 at 8:40
do you think FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK is needed ? –  Mr_and_Mrs_D Jul 16 '13 at 22:07
@Mr_and_Mrs_D: Possibly. I can see where the Settings app might not handle these Intents properly when the Settings app is already in memory, but I haven't tried this specific scenario. –  CommonsWare Jul 16 '13 at 22:09
great, but I want to know what if I want to start WIFI_SETTINGS inside a popup window, do you have an idea about how to achieve that? thanks in advance –  Muhammed Refaat Sep 25 '14 at 10:18


ConnectivityManager manager = (ConnectivityManager) 
 * 3G confirm
Boolean is3g = manager.getNetworkInfo(
 * wifi confirm
Boolean isWifi = manager.getNetworkInfo(
if (is3g) {
} else if (isWifi) {
} else {
    // Activity transfer to wifi settings
    startActivity(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_WIFI_SETTINGS));
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Just have to call an intent with a context, try this:

startActivity(new Intent(WifiManager.ACTION_PICK_WIFI_NETWORK));
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How To Start wifi Settings screen pro grammatically With Intent

context.startActivity(new Intent(WifiManager.ACTION_PICK_WIFI_NETWORK));


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If you want to do it from the xml file:

        android:title="@string/setting_title" >


This will show an entry in your settings that will call the platform's settings activity

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It works for me using android.settings.WIFI_SETTINGS action. –  Diego Aug 12 '14 at 16:20

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