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is there a way to clone content (in this case, a nav). I want to duplicate a nav and then use that duplicated content for my responsive menu.

Bonus: is there a way to only run the "cloning" script at a certain breakpoint?


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please provide code you tried using fiddle –  jQuery Angry Bird Apr 20 at 13:45
I have no code at all to show, just html, I've googled for hours to try and find something but the only thing I've come across is cloning a nav to populate a drop down. I just want to clone the nav into a <nav class-"mobile0nav"> –  user127181 Apr 20 at 13:48
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Refer jQuery Clone

It clones a given element. You can also pass optional parameter "true".

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this is perfect, thanks a lot. $( "nav" ).clone().appendTo( ".nav-mobile" ); now, is there a way to only run that code at a certain breakpoint? –  user127181 Apr 20 at 13:53
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Use media Queries CSS ,So u give class ABC for regular Desktop view,and give XYZ for responsive. XYZ will only work for small screen hiding Desktop view

Use link http://css-tricks.com/css-media-queries/

Just see this web site in Regular desktop view.And then make Browser screen small,You will see at the right side ,Menu becomes responsive ,using mediaQueries


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yes, thanks, I understand how media queries work, I just don't want two nav menus (albeit, one will always be hidden) all the time. I only want to invoke the cloning script when necessary, let's say, when screen size is 500px or less. –  user127181 Apr 20 at 14:00
Use media query CSS like 1)Small Nav(responsive) will be always hidden,Display:none .2)When resolution is 500 or less make it visible. Do u get it? –  jQuery Angry Bird Apr 20 at 14:02
i get it, but there will be two menus all the time, i think I've found something that does what I'm describing here: github.com/ten1seven/jRespond , only run code at certain breakpoints. thanks for your help –  user127181 Apr 20 at 14:06
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