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I want to parse XML from a web service using JSTL. The XML contains namespaces that results in problems with parsing and outputting results

XML string:

<MonthlyPayments:paymentsSummary xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:MonthlyPayments="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <payment loanType="thirtyYearFixed">

JSP file (resultString contains the XML):

<c:set var="xmldocument">${map.resultString}</c:set>    
<x:parse var="doc" xml="${xmldocument}"  />
<x:out select="$doc/MonthlyPayments/request/price" /> 

When removing the paymentSummary part in the XML the output is correct as 1000000. I need to be able to parse the XML containing the namespace. Please help?

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Check similar issue here:… – Prasad Apr 20 '14 at 14:44
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I managed to find a solution that works for me.

<b>MonthlyPayments > request > Price </b>:                 
<x:out select="$doc//*[name()='request']/*[name()='price']"/>

MonthlyPayments > request > Price : 100000

<b>MonthlyPayments > response > payment > rate </b>:                 
<x:out select="$doc//*[name()='response']/*[name()='payment']/*[name()='rate']"/>

MonthlyPayments > response > payment : 4.2

<b>MonthlyPayments > response > payment > loantype </b>:                         
<x:out select="$doc//*[name()='response']/*[name()='payment']/@loanType"/>

MonthlyPayments > response > payment > loantype : thirtyYearFixed

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