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I have written an application using MEAN stack. I am using Require JS to load modules. Additionally I am using Karma and Jasmine for unit testing this application as per the instructions here:


All is well. Infact, even the tests are executing and the results are as expected. However, I am getting some errors as follows:

ERROR: 'There is no timestamp for base/public/js/app.js!'
ERROR: 'There is no timestamp for base/public/bower_components/angular/angular.min.js!'
ERROR: 'There is no timestamp for base/public/bower_components/angular-mocks/angular-mocks.js!'
ERROR: 'There is no timestamp for base/public/bower_components/angular-route/angular-route.min.js!'
ERROR: 'There is no timestamp for base/public/bower_components/jquery/jquery.min.js!'
ERROR: 'There is no timestamp for base/public/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap.min.js!'

Like I said, the tests are behaving as expected. But, these errors are an irritant. What could be the possible reasons. I have checked this a bit, and many suggest that the paths may not specified correctly. Earlier, this was the case where some paths were incorrect. But, I used to get a script error along with error 404 (in addition to the error above). When I fixed the paths, the script error and 404 error went away, but the above errors remain. What could be the reason?

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