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I have following C program.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    FILE *fp;
    long n;
    char c;


    while((c=getchar()) != EOF)

    printf("No. of character entered = %1d\n",ftell(fp));


    while(feof(fp) == 0)
        fseek(fp, n, 0);
        printf("Position of %c is %1d\n", getc(fp), ftell(fp));



    return 0;


This code is not showing any error. But when I run the code after giving input ABCD...Z, it says segment fault, core dumped. Where is the problem??

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Confident the seg fault is from calling feof() after the fclose(). fp is closed at the point and should not be passed as an augment to another IO function.

Number of issues

1) Do not use uppercase "W", but lowercase "w". Else undefined behavior (UB).

2) Use of fopen("RANDOM","w") truncates a file to zero length and writing, but not update. Suggest use fopen("RANDOM","r+") "open text file for update (reading and writing)" or fopen("RANDOM","w+") which open for reading and writing and "truncate to zero length or create text file for update" @BLUEPIXY

3) char c; ... while((c=getchar()) != EOF) is wrong as the end-of-file condition will get flagged on some legitimate char. Instead use int c.

4) No need for fclose(fp); after printf("No. of....

5) while(feof(fp) == 0) begin an infinite loop. If anything use if (feof(fp) == 0). Although for learner's purposes, the test can be dropped.
5R) May this is OK. Recommend checking result of fseek(fp, n, 0);

6) printf("Position of %c is %1d\n", getc(fp), ftell(fp)); should use "%ld" and not "%d".

7) Do not use fseek(fp, n, 0); and fseek(fp,-1L,2); but something like fseek(fp, -1L, SEEK_SET); or SEEK_CUR SEEK_END.

8) Without using the standard macros as mentioned above, unclear what the code's goal is for fseek(fp,-1L,2);

9) Suggest testing the result of fseek(fp,-1L,2);.

10) printf("Position of %c is %1d\n", getc(fp), ftell(fp)); is a problem. (identified by @BLUEPIXY). The order that getc(fp) and ftell(fp) is called is left to the compiler to choose. Better to be explicit like printf("Position of %c is ", getc(fp)); printf("%ld\n", ftell(fp));.

If code is to truncate an existing file before writing, opening with "w" is good. Rather than the remove the middle fclose(), consider freopen(..., "r").

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@BLUEPIXY Agree on both your points. Nice catch on the order of args to printf(). –  chux Apr 20 '14 at 21:32

To begin with, add fp=fopen("RANDOM","R") after the first fclose(fp).

You can't read from a file after closing it (neither can you read from it when it's opened only for writing).

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