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i am trying to customize secure social methods on play framework using java APIs. basically i need to send requests in J SON and also responses in J SON. what i want to do is a back end for I-phone App. there is no many resources about secure social on the internet. i need to implement log in using username and password and using providers(face book,twitter,...). i used this code but did not work:

import play.api.libs.json.Json
import play.api.mvc._
import securesocial.core._

class AuthController extends Controller {
  private implicit val readsOAuth2Info = Json.reads[OAuth2Info]
  // Some of the below code is taken from ProviderController in SecureSocial
  def authenticateMobile(providerName: String) = Action(parse.json) { implicit request =>
    // format: { "accessToken": "..." }
    val oauth2Info = request.body.asOpt[OAuth2Info]
    val provider = Registry.providers.get(providerName).get
    val filledUser = provider.fillProfile(
      SocialUser(IdentityId("",, "", "", "", None, None, provider.authMethod, oAuth2Info = oauth2Info))
    UserService.find(filledUser.identityId) map { user =>
      val newSession = LoginEvent(user)).getOrElse(session)
        error => throw error,
        authenticator => Ok(Json.obj("sessionId" ->
          .withSession(newSession - SecureSocial.OriginalUrlKey - IdentityProvider.SessionId - OAuth1Provider.CacheKey)
    } getOrElse NotFound(Json.obj("error" -> "user not found"))
  // any other methods you might have relating to authentication ...

any idea how i can start with that? thanks

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What does "did not work" mean? – Ryan Apr 21 '14 at 0:16
i got all project modules and controllers using different libraries. and i am looking for java methods as i dont know anything about scala. – Odibat Apr 21 '14 at 6:28

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