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I'm hosting a Backbone application on Amazon S3 using a custom domain name. The Backbone application router handles all routes under the root ('/'). I would like to use pushState, so there's no need for the # prefix on my application routes. Basically, i want all sub-routes to be routed by S3 to the domain root and let Backbone do the rest.

I added the following rule:

    <HttpErrorCodeReturnedEquals>404</HttpErrorCodeReturnedEquals >

But this just adds the # sign prefix to all my sub-routes. I want to avoid that.

How do I set the redirection rules on my S3 bucket to route everything to the indexed document without having to add the #?

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Use bucket URL instead of your domain URL:


Also check you anchor links dont have # in url <a href="#home">Home</a> instead have links like this:

<a href="/home">Home</a>
<a href="/about">About</a>

Then using jQuery you can navigate the link to router

$(document).on('click', 'a[href^="/"]', function (e) {
    var href = $(e.currentTarget).attr('href');
    Backbone.history.navigate(href, { trigger: true });
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