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I'm trying to get my Win2K8 Server (Intel Xeon 64bit machine) working with IIS7 web server and the latest release of JBoss AS (8 Wildfly).

I followed many tuts on how to get that done and I ended up with:

             isapi_redirect.dll (x86_64 v.1.2.40 for iis)
    (all paths correctly in place)
    (containing simply /mycontext/*=myworker
    (containing myworker's configuration on ajp port 8009)

I omitted jk details because I never reach the filter (isapi_redirect.log is never created). However, Wildfly is configured for ajp and listening to 8009 port.

In IIS 7.0 I added the isapi filter and set the right permissions to all, according to the official documentation and several tutorials.

I keep getting a

HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error Calling LoadLibraryEx on ISAPI filter “C:\Tomcat\ISAPI\isapi_redirect.dll” failed

when visiting

Enabling 32 bit appPool makes the error change in a common 404 - not found.

Can you suggest me a checklist to follow to make the whole thing work? Thank you.

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I ended up using ARR.

That avoids AJP by simply forwarding all traffic to JBoss 8080 port.

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