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My Visual Studio 2008 debugger is showing integers as hexadecimals, how to correct that?

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Right click in the debug window and disable Hexadecimal Display.

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Right click any of the debugging windows and 'De-select' the Hexadecimal Display option. -

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While debugging right click any variable and in the tooltip you can toggle Hex display on/off. There's also a Hex button on the debug toolbar.

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If you want just specific values to appear as hex, add a ,x to the end of the debug expression, as in:


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what if I want the other way around ? i.e.: specific value to appear in decimal ? – Suda.nese Jul 12 '13 at 11:34

it doesn't work for me. In vs2008, whether the hexadecimal option is selected or not, my tool tip values for hover-over-variables and the values in the watch window remain in hex. It just will NOT switch to decimal even though the Hex option is NOT ticked. What is wrong with my VS2008? Is there perhaps a hidden master setting that overrides all the user settings??

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