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Considering this question, I am trying to Tackling the issue with two separate plots using axes instead of plotyy which doesn't work well with 'boxplot' and 'plot':

%%% definition of my x=y line axes
y2 = 1:6;
x2 = 1:6;

% Plot the first data set using boxplot, that results in 6 boxes

load carsmall;

% Get the axes and configure it
ax1 = gca;

%Create the new axes
ax2 = axes('Position',get(ax1,'Position'),...
% Plot the second data set with the new axes
hl2 =plot(x2,y2,'Color','k','parent',ax2);

but still I dont get my final plot in a right way. Does anyone know why?

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please post executable code. (what is box_panda_8?) –  thewaywewalk Apr 20 at 17:46
@thewaywewalk, sry please see the updated question now ;) –  Amir Apr 20 at 18:12

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There is a hold on missing before the last line.

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how stupid I was !! tnx @Daniel, for mentioning this! and still I don't know why the built-in feature of matlab, namely, plotyy doesn't work as I am using plotyy(x,MPG,x,y2,'boxplot','plot') –  Amir Apr 20 at 18:21

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