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I am trying to get my tables seeded with initial data to begin development work in Laravel 4.1 but none of them are seeding.

For instance, when I run php artisan db:seed on the following I am given the output Seeded: ItemsTableSeeder:

use Faker\Factory as Faker;

class ItemsTableSeeder extends Seeder {

    public function run()
        $f = Faker::create();

        foreach(range(1, 10) as $index)
            $price = round(rand(5, 100) + (rand(0, 99) / 10), 2);
            $name = $f->sentence(6);
            $shortname = explode(' ', $name, 3);

                'sku'       => strtoupper(str_random(16)),
                'name'      => $name,
                'shortname' => implode(' ', array_slice($shortname, 0, 3)),
                'stock'     => rand(0, 100),
                'price'     => $price,
                'cost'      => round($price / rand(2, 3), 2),
                'weight'    => rand(0, 20) + (rand(1, 9) / 10),
                'width'     => rand(1, 20),
                'height'    => rand(1, 20),
                'length'    => rand(1, 20),
                'size'      => array_rand(['Standard', 'Oversized'], 1),
                'enabled'   => 'Y'


However, a quick SELECT in MySQL Workbench shows that table is still empty. I have this setup to seed before any other tables because tables after items must do a lookup to reference item ids from that table to create their own seeds. When they can't find any item ids, it breaks the rest of the seeds after this.

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Even i faced this problem.Just opened my db and manually entered data –  Tyranicangel Apr 20 at 18:42

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The detectEnvironment() settings in bootstrap/start.php weren't overriding correctly so it was defaulting to sqlite in the default app/config/database.php file. Seeding was happening in the default sqlite database file.

I had used dev instead of local as the key to the development server.

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