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While creating a simple thread in firefox (Aurora 30) this always crashes.
All this does is execute function "task" from the thread

any idea what's going wrong?

function task(a, b) {

thread_job = {

    init: function(func, param1, param2) {
        this.func = func
        this.param1 = param1
        this.param2 = param2
        alert("inside init");

    run: function(){
        this.func(this.param1, this.param2);

var thread = Components.classes["@mozilla.org/thread-manager;1"] // create thread

// init the object "thread_job" to a simple function

//extension code 
thread.dispatch(thread_job, thread.DISPATCH_NORMAL);//dispatch the thread
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As per MDN, the nsIThreadManager can only be called from c++. Javascript callees should use workers, instead.

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