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I have a function (function1) which requires sta mode. I'd like tocall this function from a non sta mode poshconsole. This works when i have function1 in my Profile

$command = "function1 'MyArguments'"
powershell -sta -command $command

But how can i do this when i have the function1 not in the profile and i call

powershell -sta -noprofile -command $command

Can i execute multiple commands with a powershell.exe call? Or can i handover a customprofilepath?

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You can separate multiple commands with a semicolon (;) for example, dot source your script containing your function, then call the function:

powershell -sta -noprofile -command ". c:\functions.ps1 ; function1 'MyArguments'"
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There are some ways how to deal with STA:

In case you will call powershell.exe (because it is obviously easier), you can first load your script with the function and then execute function1 'My arguments'

powershell -sta -noprofile -command '<pathToYourScript>.ps1; function1 args'

I tried to use -file parameter and -command argument together, but that doesn't work.

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If you are running the PowerShell Community Extensions you can use Invoke-Apartment e.g.:

PS> Invoke-Apartment -Apartment STA `
                     -Expr {[Threading.Thread]::CurrentThread.ApartmentState}
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