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I don't like the following since it repeats Child.prototype many times:

function Parent(a)
  this.a = a;

function Child(a, b)
  Parent.call(this, a);
  this.b = b;

Child.prototype = Object.create(Parent.prototype);

Child.prototype.constructor = Child;
Child.prototype.childValue = 456;
Child.prototype.anotherChildValue = 457;
Child.prototype.yetAnotherValue = 458;
Child.prototype.IHateToWriteChildPrototypeEachTime = 459;
// ...gazillion more Child.prototype.xxx

I would like the following way of specifying new members instead:

  constructor: Child,
  childValue: 456,
  anotherChildValue: 457,
  yetAnotherValue: 458,
  ILoveThisSinceItsSoTerse: 459,
  // ...gazillion more

Is there a nice, clean and efficient way of doing this, without creating helper functions and reinventing the wheel in general?

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You can make a very simple extend function to do what you wish:

var extend = function(obj, methods) {
  for(var key in methods) {
    if(methods.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
      obj[key] = methods[key];

And then you can say:

extend(Child.prototype, {
  constructor: Child,
  foo: function() { }
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What I really don't understand is why there's no such function out of the box, or another method of doing this without writing helpers/kludges. –  dragonroot Apr 20 '14 at 19:26

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