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Hello i'm trying to use the youtube api in rails, i'm newbie in ruby. I parse a Jason and i save it into a hash. But i don't now how to access to the keys and print in the views.

@response = JSON.parse(HTTParty.get('').body)

I have tried first to print in a view <%= @response[:title][:$t] %> i get nil

I want to do the same as the javascript above, that shows a list of vids of a youtube playlist.

  <!DOCTYPE html>
 <script src="//"></script>
    var playList= "PLUoqTnNH-2Xz_BUrjcahKWDhPcUj-FTOt";
    var playListURL = ''+ playList +'?v=2&alt=json&callback=?';
    var videoURL= '';
    $.getJSON(playListURL, function(data) {
    var list_data="";
    $.each(data.feed.entry, function(i, item) {
        var feedTitle = item.title.$t;
        var feedURL =[1].href;
        var fragments = feedURL.split("/");
        var videoID = fragments[fragments.length - 2];
        var url = videoURL + videoID;
        var thumb = ""+ videoID +"/default.jpg";
        list_data += '<li><a href="'+ url +'" title="'+ feedTitle +'"><img alt="'+ feedTitle+'" src="'+ thumb +'"</a><p> Title "'+ feedTitle +'" </li>';

 <ul class="cont">


Can anybody give me a clue or a tutorial to follow to do this in rails ? Thank you in advance!

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I didn't get your question, you want to print out the title? if you want to do so try:


If you want to get the feed list you can do something like:

@response["feed"]["entry"].each do |entry|
  puts entry.inspect 

I highly recommend you to build a wrapper class to handle the methods instead of getting the results directly.

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Thank this is exactly what i'm asking for. – servatj Apr 20 '14 at 20:55

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