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So I have made a robot using my Raspberry Pi and I use servo blaster to control the servos and telnet to connect to my raspberry pi on my mac to control servo blaster. The problem is that I would prefer to have a window that comes up (or an IP address I can type into the web browser) so that I can control the pi bot by pushing buttons on the web browser (or the pop up window) instead of typing the code. I am not asking people to write code out for me, just a way to do this. I quite confident in coding python, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. If anyone has any ways that they think this could be done, please let me know.


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The obvious answer is to write a GUI. I'd recommend PyQt (or PySide); have a look at this series of tutorials. Aside from that, there is wxpython, tkinter (which ships with python), etc. –  dilbert Apr 21 at 2:33
@dilbert -Thanks for your help. I had sort of realised I would have to do this but what I couldn't work out how to do was sent the commands to my PI. –  crossboy007 Apr 21 at 9:21
I haven't used this before but if you need telnet functionality to talk to your Pi, try this library. –  dilbert Apr 21 at 10:37
@dilbert -Thanks for your help. The problem is that I can run telnet through terminal but the GUI won't run because I get an error message saying it can't find the tkinter module. Do you know how to run tkinter in terminal? –  crossboy007 Apr 21 at 19:48
Does this help? –  dilbert Apr 21 at 22:05

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Try WEBIOPi --> https://code.google.com/p/webiopi it's Written in Python, with facilities to load and execute custom script, using a comprehensive structure with setup and loop functions. You make the UI in JS/HTML

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