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Say I have reference type (class) objects and I would like to store them in List or Array. Can I force those collections to store the actual data (not references) in the linear manner?

If not, is there any low level container that is capable of doing this?

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You may want to have a look at serialization. –  TaW Apr 20 at 20:28
@TaW, you think about deserializing entire collection? –  greenoldman Apr 20 at 20:41
It is a way to flatten the data to retrievable text. Yes, why not the whole collection. Other than that, I don't know how to do it short of writing generic code for you class. The objects will not work until you deserialize them, that's right.. –  TaW Apr 20 at 20:41
@Taw, sure I can get text, but this makes objects not-operational. –  greenoldman Apr 20 at 20:42
If you want to control memory layout, C# is the wrong language. Also, when this collection collides with other code, it would have to (in some way depending on how exactly it works) either break the memory layout promise or the usual rules for reference types. There are also issues with subtyping and probably a dozen other things. It's just not how the language works. Why do you want this? –  delnan Apr 20 at 20:53

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